Welcome to thisoldcrackhouse.com!
This is my new house. It was purchased near the end of March, 2004. It was originally built in the 1920's, and added onto sometime after that. The house is around 1,600 square feet and has two bedrooms downstairs, a large kitchen/dining area, living room, bathroom, and utility/mudroom. Upstairs are two more rooms, which could be bedrooms or possibly a den. The house has a partial basement and crawlspace.

Sometime in the mid to late 1990's this house fell on hard times. A longtime owner moved out, and someone bought the house to renovate. They started on it, removing lots of plaster and lath and replacing it with drywall. They did some structural work but did not do it very well. Eventually they gave up or lost the house. Someone else bought it and the same thing happened. Eventually it ended up empty, and was then occupied by 8 or 9 gang members, who were squatting in the house. Much of the front living space is "tagged" with gang graffiti. They were forcibly removed in June of 2003 and the house was secured and put up for sale. It languished, as the asking price was far too high. Eventually the price dropped to a level that was near that of a cheap used car, so I bought it.

Why did I buy it? I've had a lot of fun renovating my current home, but I have lots of ideas and I want to learn more. This house presents me with the opportunity to do that, without the risk of losing a lot of money or ruining my own home. To put it bluntly, this house is such a dump that litterally anything that is done to it will be an improvement. Once I am done messing with it, I hope to re-sell it and recoup my investment (time, purchase price, and renovation cost), and perhaps even make a small profit.

I hope to chronicle the house on on these pages, but they won't be updated daily and there won't be any fancy layout (I just don't have the time).