virtual house tour
I apologize for the poor quality of these pictures. I have taken more with a regular camera (the digital camera did not do a good job) but haven't developed them yet.

As you walk into the house, the door opens into a 15x15 living room. There is gang graffiti all over the room and the front window is broken out. The front door had to be padlocked because someone had kicked it out, destroying the frame. This view is from the kitchen looking back toward the front door and front window. You can't see much:

Turning around and looking toward the kitchen, you see the hallway leading upstairs.

You can see that a lot of drywall work has been done. This was all done before I arrived. All the kitchen cabinets are gone. There is a temporary sink sitting in the kitchen but all the pipes to it are destroyed. Here is another view of the kitchen and dining area:

The doorway to the rear of the kitchen leads to a utility/mud room. The kitchen has several layers of vinyl tile on the floor and nothing else. Turning left, you can look into the bathroom:

This is the bathroom from is quite possibly the most disgusting room, ever. The floor is sloping badly because water leaked and weakened the joists under the room. The entire room will have to be ripped out. New floor, walls, tub, sink, toilet are all needed. About the only good thing in the room is the ceiling. Lots of work here! The bathroom is in-between the two bedrooms. I don't have a good picture of the front bedroom, but here is the back bedroom:

The bedrooms are about 10x12 each. Each has two windows (one small, one big). Let's head upstairs. At the top of the stairs is a large room, but with sloped ceiling areas:

A lot of paint, plaster patching, etc, will be needed in here. This room has a nice closet:

The second room of the second floor leads right off the other room. It is pretty small but might make a nice little bedroom:

That concludes today's tour! I won't subject you to the horrors that are in the basement. It's just too awful to talk about now (maybe after a little counseling)..